Tuath currently manages over 11,000 homes and collaborates with the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage (DHLGH), Local Authorities, funders and developers/partners nationwide to deliver long-term sustainable housing for people in need of affordable homes.

Tuath’s growing experience in delivering homes has assisted with diversifying their options for delivery and now not only delivers for the purposes of social housing but also provides cost rental housing. Tuath are focused on working with partners in all counties, to acquire high-quality homes and the various delivery mechanisms used to achieve a high level of delivery from Tuath on a yearly basis are outlined below.

New Build Development Agreement

Tuath has extensive experience of delivering homes in recent years via New Build Development Agreements. This arrangement facilitates collaboration with local authorities, the Department of Housing and private developers to provide new build homes in areas of need. The association enters a fixed-price contract pre site-commencement in most cases with private developers who lead on the construction of each project. Homes are delivered in phases as and when the construction process concludes.

Direct Build

Tuath's in-house construction team manages the entire process of procuring, designing, and developing housing schemes from concept to completion in accordance with the Capital Works Management Framework. They procure a design team to create bespoke, innovative housing schemes that meet Tuath's standards and the needs of the community. The Direct Build process includes site acquisition, securing planning permission, and working on-site with a building contractor to completion. .

Cost Rental

Cost Rental is a new form of secure, long-term rental tenure where homes are made available to middle-income earners at below open-market rates. Tuath works with the Housing Agency, on behalf of the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, to deliver homes with Cost Rental Equity Loan (CREL) funding.

Design and Build

Design and Build is a successful delivery method overseen by the in-house construction team. This delivery process is where a developer owns a site, with the benefit of full planning permission which matches the housing need in the area they enter into a land sale agreement and building contract simultaneously to develop out the site for Tuath. The developer will receive monthly stage payments certified for the value of works completed until practical completion is reached.

Social Lease Agreement

The Social Lease Agreement allows Tuath to manage homes on behalf of the Local Authorities. We work with 31 Councils nationwide and manage properties in each of these areas. Tuath has an experienced and skilled Housing Management Team who engage with residents and communities within all developments, under Tuath Management.

Private Leasing

Private leasing was initially introduced in 2009 allowing private homeowners/landlords to enter into long-term lease agreements with Approved Housing Bodies for periods between 10 and 25 years. Tuath currently leases over 600 homes via private lease.


Tuath’s Property Services Team have the expertise to assess second hand units. Tuath acquire second hand homes to sustain tenancies or fulfil a high level of demand for housing in certain areas.


The National Asset Residential Properties Services (NARPS) was formed by the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) to take direct ownership of properties where there is an established demand for housing. NAMA leased properties on a long-term basis to Approved Housing Bodies (AHB) and Local Authorities.

Refurbishment, Regeneration and Repurposing

Tuath renovates vacant and derelict properties, including office blocks, unfinished estates, and protected buildings, turning them into modern and energy-efficient homes. This sustainable approach generates less carbon than standard new builds, resulting in cost savings. By creating homes in areas of need, Tuath also provides an opportunity to convert unused buildings into housing.

Modern Methods of Construction

Under Tuath’s Strategic Plan some of our core values are innovation, sustainability and environmental response. One way this is achieved is through partnerships with Developer’s utilising modern methods of construction. This comes in many forms such as Timber Frame, Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF), Steel Frame, Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP). We have experience great speed and efficiencies on sites.