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For most tenant’s rents are calculated as a percentage of income, i.e., differential rent.

If your income reduces or increases, please contact us to have your rent re assessed as soon as you have proof of the change

Capital Assistant Scheme tenants are an exception from the above as they have a set rent and can claim supplement from the Council if applicable.

Pay Your Rent


Due to Ulster Bank closing, rent payments cannot be made on our website. Please set up a Standing Order or bank transfers to our new bank details below using your rent account number as a reference. For any queries please phone the Rent Department and select option 2.

If your income comes into the Bank, please set up a standing order with your Bank using our details below, if your income comes into An Post, please call us to request a Household Budget form.

***Change of Bank Details for Rent Payments

On the 19th of February 2021 Ulster Bank announced a phased withdrawal of all their banking activity and associated services within the Republic of Ireland.

Due to this fact that Ulster Bank will be closing sometime in the future, Tuath now have an AIB Bank account for the payments of rent.

If you presently have a standing order or pay by bank transfer using our Ulster Bank details, please can you now change the bank details to our New AIB Bank account, details below.

Tenants who pay through An. Post (Household Budget) will NOT be effected.

Our bank details are:

AIB Bank
Branch: 1- 4 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2
Account: Túath Housing Association
A/C No: 26934757   Sort Code: 93-13-65
IBAN No: IE25AIBK93136526934757


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What happens if you don’t pay your rent?

It is essential to pay rent. Failure to pay rent regularly can lead to eviction.

What if I have problems paying my rent?

If you have any difficulties paying your rent it is vital that you contact your Housing Services Co-ordinator as soon as possible. Confidential help and advice is available and staff will do all they can to assist you and prevent you getting further into debt.

Tuath Housing


Emergency Repairs

To report emergency out-of-hours repairs contact the Helpline (048) 90421010

The Helpline opening hours are: Monday – Friday 6pm-8am and Friday 6pm-Monday 8am, every day of the year.

The Helpline is for real emergencies which, left unattended until the offices open, are likely to cause possible injury or serious danger to health.

Please note emergency call-out criteria as follows only:
  • Complete loss of heating in adverse weather conditions
  • Complete loss of hot and cold water
  • Complete loss of electrics if it’s an individual issue and not a problem in the area
Tuath Housing

Repairs Form

Log a Repair

Report a Maintenance Problem

This maintenance reporting tool is only for use by tenants from Tuath Housing.

Feedback & Advice

Inspection Feedabck

At Tuath Housing, we want to ensure that we provide safe, efficient, durable, comfortable and sustainable homes for our tenants. By carrying out annual inspections we meet our statutory obligations to our stakeholders, investors and local authorities, as well as updating and improving standards to ensure the quality of accommodation for our tenants.

Tuath’s Unit Inspection Policy  includes the ability for tenants to give feedback on their experience. Please click on the image to complete the survey.

How to use your Storage Heaters
Heating Checklist from Gas Wise
Underfloor Heating:

Tuath Housing has been consulting with tenants who have underfloor heating in their dwellings in relation to understanding the best way to control the underfloor heating system. Underfloor heating does not respond in the same way as gas central heating or electric storage heating. There is much longer heat-up and cool-down times for underfloor heating compared to conventional radiator systems. Tenants, who have been familiar with radiator systems, may be used to not utilising the pre-set times on the programmer and simply switching the room thermostat up on entering a room / dwelling and feeling the warmth from the radiators within a matter of minutes. Underfloor heating does not operate like this and it can be difficult for some occupants who, on entering a room / dwelling that hasn’t been heated for a few hours, want immediate warmth. It can take underfloor systems a number of hours to heat-up from cold. The only option is to correctly pre-set the programmer on / off times allowing plenty of heat-up time.

Our Condensation Help Sheet

What is condensation?

Condensation occurs when moist air reaches a cold surface. This moisture is usually caused by steam from cooking, washing, bathing, drying clothes etc.

Why is condensation a problem?

If unchecked, condensation can damage your clothes, bedding and decoration by causing mould growth or dampness.

How can I reduce condensation?

  • Ensure that all trickle vents (often in window frames) and wall vents remain open to provide adequate ventilation and reduce the risk of condensation.
  • Ensure kitchens and bathrooms are properly ventilated after cooking, washing, bathing etc. by opening a window or using an extractor fan. If your bathroom extract fan does not continue running after the light is switched off, please leave it on for approximately 15 minutes after you have finished bathing / showering. Please leave your kitchen extract fan / cooker hood on for approximately 15 minutes after you have finished cooking.
  • Close kitchen and bathroom doors to prevent steam spreading through your home.
  • Dry clothes outside if possible (except on balconies). If a tumble drier is present please use it to dry clothes, if you cannot dry clothes outside.
  • Use the central heating system in your home to maintain a constant temperature. This will reduce cold areas where steam can accumulate to cause condensation.
  • Use the central heating system in your home to maintain a constant temperature. This will reduce cold areas where steam can accumulate to cause condensation.
  • Do not use paraffin or bottled gas heaters as these contribute to the problems of condensation.
  • Regularly open your windows, even slightly when you are home. For example a lot of moisture can be generated by the human body overnight, resulting in condensation on cold surfaces (e.g. windows) in bedrooms in the morning. Therefore consider opening windows when they get out of bed until the time they leave the dwelling. However please ensure window restrictors are operating, especially if children are present in the dwelling.


Tuath Housing Association maintains a panel of Plumbers, Electricians and General Maintenance Contractors who carry out maintenance / repair works on our housing stock across the country.

From time to time, due to expansion, vacancies may arise on the contractors panel and contractors will be invited to tender to join the panel.

If you wish to join the panel the minimum criteria required to be considered include:

  • Employer’s Liability Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Current tax clearance certificate or C2 card
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Detail of any Code of Practice Certification
  • Quality assurance and awards you currently hold
  • Detail of any innovative operating procedures you may wish to submit as part of the tender
  • Details of organization, including numbers employed
  • Contact details of two clients who may be contacted for reference purposes

(Please note that Tuath is a registered Principal for Contracts Tax and the RCT VAT rules will be applied to all of our maintenance contracts).
Applications must be made electronically, addressed to info@tuathhousing.ie

How to Guide

  • Painting Tips to Spruce Up Your Home this New Year


    Prep your wall first to ensure a smooth and professional finish.
    Clean off any dust or dirt from the walls with a solution of sugar soap and water.
    Use filler on any holes or cracks in the wall.
    Remember to use primer on the walls first if you are painting over a darker colour.

    Tape the Borders:

    To achieve clean lines and prevent any mess, use masking tape to cover switches, sockets, skirting boards and the ceiling.
    Ensure to remove the masking tape before the paint has fully dried to avoid the adhesive removing any paint.

    Picking the Paint:

    Use our guide below to pick the right paint for your project.
    Gloss: Highly reflective and easy to clean. Perfect for: Doors, furniture, window trims.
    Sheen: Creates a smooth, slightly reflective finish. Perfect for: Kitchens, bathrooms, window trims.
    Eggshell and Satin: Covers imperfections and uneven surfaces well. Perfect for: Family rooms, hallways, kids’ bedrooms.
    Matt: No reflection at all, provides great coverage. Perfect for: Ceilings, master bedrooms.

  • No Heating? Before you call Tuath Housing…

    If you are experiencing a problem with your heating system, there are a few items you must first check to help deal with your query in an efficient and timely manner.

    If your heating system requires electricity to operate, and the electrical supply has been interrupted, your heating system may require resetting.

    Alternately, if you pay for your electricity or gas using a pre-pay meter and your credit has run out, you may need to re-set your heating after the credit has been applied.

    Oil burner

    1. If you have an oil-fired boiler, do you have enough oil in the storage tank?
    2. If you refill your oil tank, and the burner does not operate, you may have to “bleed” an “airlock form the pipework leading to the burner”.

    Central heating

    1. If you have gas central heating, do you have credit on your meter?
    2. Check your meter by pressing button “a” or the red button.
    3. If your gas meter displays “off” or “busy”, call bord gais on 1850 200694.

    If the gas supply and electricity is available for the boiler, the boiler may need to be reset, this can be done simply by;
    1. Turning your boiler on at the time clock as you normally would.
    2. There is a thermostat knob located on the front of your boiler, turn this off.
    3. Wait for 10 seconds and turn this knob back on.
    4. Your boiler should come back on, if not turn it off again and repeat the process.

    All other repairs issues should be reported to the repairs team by:
    Phone 016761602 – Press 1 for Repairs Team

  • Energy Saving Tips

    Energy Saving Tips

    Try some of the following simple energy saving tips and see if you notice the difference in your next utility bill.

    1. Try and heat your hot water using the primary heating system rather than using your secondary immersion, if you have one.

    2. Use low energy light bulbs and turn off lights as you leave the room or in areas of the dwelling that are not in use.

    3. Reduce heat loss by closing the curtains at dusk.

    4. Slightly turn down the thermostat (min 18°C). By reducing the heating thermostat one degree, you could save money.

  • Making your Home Santa-ready this Christmas

    This Christmas, make sure your home is Santa – Ready!

    1) Check that the chimney is safe for Santa by ensuring your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are in working order. Press the Test button and it will sound to confirm it is working. If your alarm begins to chirp in patterns, it’s time to replace battery. Slide the cover off and swap the battery out with a new one.

    2) Switch off lights when unattended. For fire safety purposes, switch your Christmas lights off when going to bed or when leaving them unattended for long periods of time.

    3) Make sure any prepay Utilities are topped up. If you have a gas or electricity pre-pay meter in your property, make sure it has sufficient funds to last over the Christmas Holidays to prevent any cut in your supply. If you have an oil boiler, make sure to check the oil balance.

    4) Out Of Hour Emergency Line – Tuath Housing will close for the Christmas Holidays on 24th of December, reopening on the 4th of January. Our Out Of Hours Emergency Line will be open for real emergencies which, left unattended until the offices open, are likely to cause possible injury or serious danger to health. The Helpline number is (048) 90421010.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year – From all of the Team at Tuath Housing!

  • Preparing your Home for Bad Weather

    As we approach the winter months, the frequency of storms is increasing. Here are some things you can do to prepare your home for bad weather:

    Move or secure garden furniture
    Prepare for flooding
    Stock up on fuel and light sources
    Stock up on medication
    Stock up on food
    It is recommended to have a supply of non-perishable food such as:

    Check in on neighbours
    Don’t forget pets

  • Maintaining your Shower

    After each shower, keep the extractor fan running for 15 minutes to help remove moisture from the air, preventing build up of mould and mildew.

    Leave your door ajar after showering to disperse any leftover humidity.

    Clear your drain at least once a week to prevent any blockages. A solution of 1 part vinegar to 1 part baking soda acts as a great drain cleaner when flushed down with boiling water.

    Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your shower as they will strip away sealant. Natural cleaning products are a fantastic alternative.

  • What to do if you smell gas

    If you smell gas call our 24 Hour Emergency Service on 1800 20 50 50 and follow the steps below.

    In your Home
    On the Street
    For all other repairs, please contact the repairs team by: Phone 016761602 – Press 1 for Repairs Team

  • Tuath Housing’s Out of Hours Service

    Our Out of Hours line operates from Monday – Friday 6pm-8am and Friday 6pm-Monday 8am, every day of the year.

    The Helpline is for real emergencies which, if left unattended until the offices open, are likely to cause possible injury or serious danger to health.

    The Helpline number is (048) 90421010

    Please note emergency call-out criteria as follows only:

    All other repairs issues should be reported to the repairs team by:

    Phone 016761602 – Press 1 for Repairs Team

    Tuath Housing Out of Hours Service

  • Cleaning your Washing Machine filter

    A washing machine filter should be cleaned at least 4 times per year to keep your machine working its best and reduce the amount of lint deposited on your clothes.

    In order to clean the filter, you need to know where it is located. The quickest way to locate the filter on your machine is by consulting its owner’s manual. If you no longer have access to the owner’s manual, here are a few places to look for the filter:

    A combination of detergent, dust, hair and lint can clog up a filter. A clogged filter limits the washing machine’s efficiency and can lead to more lint deposits on clothes as well as poor drainage.

    The quickest way to clean out your filter is to remove it from the unit and soak it in hot water, loosening any clog or trapped residue.

    Cleaning washing machine filter

  • Keeping your pets safe this Halloween

    Keep your Pets Spooky & Safe this Halloween with Tuath Housing’s tips!

  • Logging a repair through the Tuath Housing website

    Did you know you can log a repair through our website?

    Visit www.tuathhousing.ie and scroll down to the Log A Repair icon. When completing the form, please give as much detail as possible to help our Responsive Repairs Team. You will receive a text if your repair has been logged or a call if further information is required.

    See how to do it in the video below:

  • Preventing a Silverfish Infestation in Your Home

    Silverfish infestations are very common and arise in dark, moist environments.

    They are often found in kitchens, bathrooms, window frames or behind skirting boards.

    To prevent an infestation, ensure to keep rooms ventilated, by opening the window regularly and maintaining all extractor fans in good working order.

    Avoid drying clothes inside a room as the damp clothes will cause an excess build up of moisture.

    Report any ongoing leaks to your nearest Tuath Branch as faulty plumbing can provide such pests with a source of moisture.

  • Keeping your home warm for the winter

    Tips to keep your home warm throughout the winter

    Ensure your boiler has been serviced this year. Gas and oil boilers need to be serviced annually for safety regulations. If you are a Tuath Resident and your boiler service is overdue, please contact your nearest Tuath Housing Branch.
    Preventing Frozen Pipes. If you are vacating the property for a period of time during the Winter season, turn off the stop-cock which is typically located under the kitchen sink and ensure all taps are turned off. This will prevent frost damage to the pipes or leaks on your return.
    Bleed your Radiators. Ensure you are getting the most from your heating system by bleeding the radiators. If your radiators are warm at the bottom but cool at the top, this is a sign that there is trapped air.
    Remember to check in with your neighbours. If you have elderly neighbours or know of anyone living alone, remember to check in with them during the cold season. A small gesture can make a big difference.

  • Emergency Repairs

    Emergency Repairs

    Should an alarming issue within your property arise after business hours, please report to our emergency out of hours repair line on (048) 90421010

    Please note, this helpline is for serious emergencies only. The criteria for an emergency call-out are as follows

    The emergency out of hours repair line is available from 6 pm – 8 am on weekdays and runs a 24-hr service on Saturdays and Sundays.

    For other issues that arise, please contact our Responsive Repairs Team by calling your nearest Tuath branch, emailing repairs@tuathhousing.ie or logging a repair on our website www.tuathhousing.ie

    Dublin 01 676 1602 | Dundalk 042 942 3400

    Cork 021 427 350 | Galway 091 393280

  • Cleaning with Natural Ingredients

    Lemons can be used as a natural bleach as the acid is antibacterial and antiseptic. Lemons are a brilliant cleaning agent for your microwave, chopping boards and shower screens.

    Vinegar is a great cleaner and disinfectant because it’s made from acetic acid. It can be diluted with water to clean nearly all areas of the kitchen, including the sink, stained pots & pans, and all appliances.

    Baking soda acts as a gentle abrasive without leaving scratches behind. It is fantastic for polishing silverware, clearing any mildew from a washing machine and absorbing any odours from the bin.

  • Common Causes of Blocked Drains

    Common Causes of Blocked Drains

    Hair: Ensure all drains have guards to catch hair and clear these regularly.

    Soap: Traditional soap bars are made with grease or fat that stains bath fittings and clog pipes.

    Dirt: excess dirt off you and your clothes, it can build up and cause issues in your drains.

    Food Waste: This should never go down the drain

    Mineral Build Up: Minerals dissolved in hard water can build up and cause insoluble masses that will easily block your drains

    Small Objects: Nothing but water, toilet paper, and human waste should go down your toilet, drain, or sink. Any other objects should be disposed of responsibly in the trash, compost or recycling.

    Toilet Paper Build Up: Too much toilet paper can clog your drains

    and stop your toilets from flushing.

    For other issues that arise, please contact our Responsive Repairs Team by calling your nearest Tuath branch, emailing repairs@tuathhousing.ie or logging a repair on our website www.tuathhousing.ie

  • How to Bleed a Radiator

    STEP 1:

    Before bleeding, you first need to Turn the heating on so that all the radiators Warm up. This builds pressure in your radiator that will push the unwanted air out.

    STEP 2:

    Go through your whole house checking each radiator for cold spots or gurgling noises. Remember: the radiators will be hot, so take extra care with this step. We advise Wearing a pair of thin gloves so you do not burn yourself.

    STEP 3:

    You need to switch off your central heating before you bleed a Radiator. If your heating is on you’ll risk scalding yourself and covering the floor with water.

    STEP 4:

    Water may be discoloured when bleeding an old radiator, by putting old towels down you can save a cleaning job later, especially if you have light carpets!

    STEP 5:

    Take the radiator bleed key, you’ll need to insert this into the Bleed valve. Often the bleed valve is found at the top of the radiator, to the side. It looks like a round hole with a square inside. When you insert the radiator key into the bleed valve, you will Feel them lock together. Carefully turn the valve anti-clockwise – as the air begins to escape you’ll hear a hissing sound. Be careful, the escaping air could be hot, keep sufficient distance.

    STEP 6:

    A quarter to half a turn will be enough, never open the valve fully because once you bleed air from the radiator water will come rushing out. Continue this process, holding the radiator bleed key until the air stops coming out. When only water is dripping from your radiator, then you have completed the bleeding process. Turning the bleed valve clockwise will seal the radiator; take care not to over tighten.

  • How to clear blocked drains

    How to clear blocked drains

    Run hot water through the sink after each use. Hot water keeps oils in food products running down the drain, rather than building up on the interior surface of pipes, which can make drains sluggish and lead to clogs.

    Throw a handful of baking soda into the drain and follow it with hot water. Baking soda is a terrific cleaning agent, and it is great for absorbing foul odours.

    Pour 1 cup of vinegar down the drain and let it sit for 30 minutes; then chase it down with very hot water. Vinegar is a wonder cleaner. It contains acetic acid, which acts as an excellent organic solvent in removing organic build-up of crud in pipes

    For other issues that arise, please contact our Responsive Repairs Team by calling your nearest Tuath branch, emailing repairs@tuathhousing.ie or logging a repair on our website www.tuathhousing.ie

  • How to test Your Smoke Alarm

    Smoke detectors require little maintenance, but the maintenance could be life-saving. Although there are several makes and models that you might have, you can test their effectiveness in one of the two ways:

    smoke-method smoke-method-2

    How often should I test my smoke detector?

    We recommend testing your smoke detector regularly, ideally once a week and replacing batteries as required.

    General Smoke Alarm Maintenance

    • Clean dust away when necessary
    • Never remove the battery to use in something else because you may forget to replace it
    • Replace the battery on an annual basis even if it is still working
    • Replace the alarm as required in line with its lifespan.

    Download this information

  • How to top up a Prepay Gas Meter

    How to top up a Prepay Gas Meter

    If you have a gas prepay meter in your property, you should have a natural gas card which you can top up with credit in any shop that hosts a PayZone outlet.

    To view the credit balance on your meter, press the red A button and it will appear on the display.

    To view any arrears owed on the meter, press the red A button a second time.

    To view the meter reading, press the red A button a third time.

    To transfer the credit onto the meter, insert the card with the chip facing upwards. The value on the card will show on the display. Press A to complete the transfer.

    If your meter has been locked out after the emergency credit is used, first be sure that all gas appliances are turned off in your home. Then proceed to enter the credit as normal but this time hold the red button A until you hear a click noise and the display instructs to release. The display will ask you to wait for one to two minutes while the credit transfers. Once complete, the display will show the updated balance and you can remove your card.

    Please ensure to keep your card in a safe place as you will be charged for replacement if lost.

  • Steps to take if there is No Electricity in Your Home

    Four steps to take if there is no electricity in your home


    1. Check with your electricity supplier that your account is in credit. If you have a prepay meter, check that there are sufficient funds on the meter.
    2. Check if it is a public power outage by seeing if your neighbours are experiencing the same issue or by checking ESB Networks website for updates on any effected areas.https://powercheck.esbnetworks.ie/
    3. Check the fuseboard in your property and ensure that all switches are up in the ON position. A faulty appliance could be causing a switch to trip off. Turn all switches in the fuseboard down in the OFF position, plug out all appliances throughout the house and then turn the switches in the fuseboard back into the ON position. As you plug the appliances back in, you will be able to eliminate which one is causing the fuse to switch off.
    4. If you are a Tuath resident and are still without supply after following the previous steps, contact our Responsive Repairs Team by calling your nearest Tuath Housing Branch, emailing repairs@tuathhousing.ie or by logging a repair on our website, https://tuath.tiltaffinity.com/report-a-maintenance-problem
  • What to Check in the Event of No Water Supply

    What to Check in Event of No Water Supply

    1. Check if there is a disruption to the public supply in your area by seeing if your neighbours are experiencing the same issue or by searching Irish Water’s website for updates on any effected areas. https://www.water.ie/water-supply/supply-and-service-update/
    2. Check if there is supply in the kitchen cold tap. The cold kitchen tap is supplied off the mains water supply. If you have water in your cold kitchen tap but nowhere else in the property, it is most likely an issue with the pump.
    3. Ensure to keep all taps turned in the off position while you are without water supply. This will prevent airlocks or leaks from occurring when the supply returns.
    4. If you are a Tuath resident and are without water supply, contact our Responsive Repairs Team by calling your nearest Tuath Housing Branch, emailing repairs@tuathhousing.ie or by logging a repair on our website. https://tuath.tiltaffinity.com/report-a-maintenance-problem