New Horizons Education Bursary

Tuath Housing is delighted to announce the inaugural launch of the “New Horizons” Education Bursary. The funding provided through Tuath’s new bursary can help residents to take part in short or long-term courses, accredited or non-accredited. Funding provided can vary from €250 to €1000. Applicants must be over 18 and proof of course registration must be provided when applying. 

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Tuath's New Horizons Education Bursary

Participating in the New Horizons Education Bursary can have a range of benefits, including boosting your confidence and social skills, meeting new people, and improving your employability skills. Learning new skills and knowledge can also lead to personal growth and development, as well as new opportunities for career advancement. Participating in education and training can lead to different ways of thinking, which can broaden your horizons and make you more adaptable in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing job market. 

DC 04/03/2020 
Tuath Housing

Terms & Conditions

All Bursary applicants shall be deemed to accept and to agree to abide by our full terms and conditions.

Please view the Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

Any queries in relation to the application for the New Horizons Education Bursary please email  

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Leanne O'Sullivan, Cork

In 2021, Leanne in Cork €2,000 euro scholarship  to complete a fully paid two year part-time third level education qualification with An Cosán.  Leanne chose to study a Level 6 QQI Course in Early Childhood Education and Care which she began online. Leanne was already working part-time in the kitchen of a creche and felt this course would improve her career and earning prospects and secure a better financial future for her family.

Regarding the Scholarship Leanne has said, ‘I can honestly say, and I really mean this, receiving the Scholarship completely changed my life. I had such a bad experience of education in secondary school, I have also a hearing impairment and I had convinced myself that I would never be able for a college course. This Scholarship has given me the opportunity to go to college without the financial burden. It has completely given me back my confidence. I’ve even surprised myself with the results I’m achieving. I’ve excelled that much that now, not only am I completing the Level 6 qualification with An Cosán, but this year I’ve also undertaken to complete a Level 6 course at University College Cork in Youth and Community Development with a view to achieving my primary degree in UCC in 2025. When I started out on this journey, I never thought I was in any way academic, it’s just restored my confidence completely.”

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Education Bursary FAQ's

All Bursary applicants shall be deemed to accept and to agree to abide our full terms and conditions.

Please view the Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

  • Who can apply? 

    The bursary is open to all Tuath Housing residents and authorised occupants. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for the Bursary and you must not be in receipt of any other sources of funding (e.g. SUSI, St. Vincent de Paul, etc.). Please view full terms and conditions in the 'Terms & Conditions' section above.

  • What kind of courses does the Education Bursary fund? 

    The Education Bursary can fund many different types of courses – both short and long term. This could be a weekend first aid or flower arranging course, a diploma course in Trauma Informed Care or fees for the first year of your university degree.  

  • What kind of courses does the Education Bursary not fund?

    The Education Bursary will only fund a course where the student will develop new skills or learning as a result of attending the course. It will not fund a course where you receive a service e.g., sessions of acupuncture/ massage.   

  • Who assesses the Education Bursary Applications? 

    All applications will be read by a panel of three Tuath Housing staff. The panel will then meet to discuss the applications and decide who will receive funding from the Education Bursary. 

  • When will I found out if my application is successful? 

    Tuath Housing Tenant Engagement Coordinator will contact you about the result of your application, approximately two weeks after the closing date for applications.  

  • How are the Education Bursary payments made?  

    The New Horizons Education Bursary payments are made by bank transfer. Successful applicants will need to supply their bank details (BIC and IBAN).   Awardees of the Education Bursary will be required to provide proof of registration to their course to Tuath Housing, prior to a payment being made. This proof of registration can range from a letter of acceptance from a college or an email from a course provider confirming your booking on a course. Tuath Housing makes payments twice per month. It is important that any requests for payment are made one week before the bi-monthly Tuath Housing payment deadlines.  

  • Do I need to be signed up to a course already? 

    No, you don’t need to be signed up to a course yet. On your application form, include all the information about the course you are planning to attend – it must take place in the coming academic year, i.e., between September / October to June. 

  • When is the Education Bursary available?  

    The Education Bursary is available every academic year from September to June. If you are told that you are successful in September, but your course isn’t starting until February, don’t worry – we will hold the funding for you until your course is starting and you are able to provide proof of registration.