Ellis Court, Benburb Street, Dublin 7.

  • Local Authority
    Dublin City Council
  • Procurement Type
    Refurbishment, Regeneration and Repurposing
  • Funding Method
    Capital Assistance Scheme (CAS)
  • No. Homes
  • Developer/Contractor
    Principal Construction Limited
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Ellis Court was once part of  Ireland’s first ever social housing schemes, built in the 1880s. It was left derelict since it was damaged by fire 18 years ago and has now been refurbished for social housing at a cost of €9 million.

The project, a unique collaboration between Tuath, Dublin City Council and the Department of Housing, saw the building undergo major restoration works that have retained most of the structure’s historical integrity, while successfully converting it to modern residential accommodation.

The approved plans for the refurbishment included the building of a new extension, with the overall development now consisting of 19x apartments (6x one-beds and 13x two-beds) and 3x townhouses (2 x two-beds and 1x three-bed homes). The delivery of the modern, city-centre apartments is the result of a Public Works Contract, which was 100% funded by the Department of Housing Local Government and Heritage.