Sraith Fhada, Doughiska, Galway City

  • Local Authority
    Galway City Council
  • Procurement Type
  • Funding Method
    Capital Advanced Leasing Facility (CALF) / Housing Finance Agency (Private Finance)
  • No. Homes
  • Developer/Contractor
    Peppard Investments
  • SF 1
  • SF 2
  • SF 3
Sraith Fhada 2

The Sraith Fhada development in Doughiska, Galway City consists of a block of 25 two bedroom apartments over four floors.  Doughiska is a fast-growing suburb of Galway City, with many housing and business developments taking place in the area since early 2000.

Galway City Council were very supportive of this acquisition, which provided an opportunity to refurbish 2 vacant blocks of apartments in an unfinished estate that had been lying incomplete for 12 years. The apartments received significant upgrades and are now fully compliant with current building standards providing quality, energy efficient homes for tenants from the Council’s housing list.