Tuath Housing’s new “Pre-Move in” video created in collaboration with Tuath residents for residents


30th June, 2022

A new online “Pre-Move in” animated information video has been developed by Tuath housing staff and residents to complement the Tuath tenancy handbook and pre-move in process. The information video was created in consultation with Tuath residents from the Tuath National Tenant Forum. The forum was set up in 2018 through Tuath’s tenant engagement initiative and represents a diverse group of residents which include new residents and residents who have lived in their Tuath home for many years.

At the end of November 2021 residents were invited to meet online to discuss housing initiatives and neighbourhood specific issues as well as give feedback on existing services or ideas for improvements. Following feedback from the forum the pre-move in video was created and highlights some of the most important aspects of the tenancy handbook and outlines tips for residents on topics such as keys, utilities, rent, insurance, repairs, tenant engagement, fire safety and much more. Tuath resident Stella from Cork who attended the forum said “Moving into a new home can be a busy and stressful time. There can be a real sense of information overload at times, but this video does a great job of breaking everything down in a clear manner. I feel it will really help people plan and prepare for moving into their new Tuath home.”

The pre-move in video provides information and support for all residents based on their needs and meets the new regulatory standards from the Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority (AHBRA). The video is easy to understand, can be subtitled and translated into any language. The new resource will form part of the pre tenancy process, Tuath residents will take a short questionnaire after watching the video. The video will be available through the Tuath housing website www.tuathhousing.ie .

Head of Housing Fiachra McKiernan said “Since the introduction of tenant engagement in 2018, we have taken great steps in developing a service that involves and consults residents in a range of different ways. We believe that by listening to, working in partnership with, and providing good information for our residents, we can give excellent tenancy services. The partnership with Tuath residents and staff in the creation of the pre move in video is just one of the many ways in which we are listening to our residents’ voice”

The Pre- Move in video is just one example of how Tuath and residents are working together towards providing best practice in tenant engagement. Following the recent launch of a research paper commissioned by the board of Tuath Housing called “Embedding a Culture of Tenant Engagement: Recommendations for Social Housing in the Irish Context”. One of the recommendations from the research paper was for residents who choose to engage, it is vital that opportunities are provided so that residents are really in a position to influence the decision-making process in a meaningful way.

Margaret Hanrahan, Tenant Engagement Officer said. “We know that for tenant engagement to be successful, we need to design and deliver services and information in collaboration with residents. The process of residents and staff working together has been a rewarding one and has resulted in an information resource that will be of real benefit and positive impact for residents moving into their Tuath forever home.”

Tuath Housing will soon launch its Tenant Engagement Strategy 2022-2025 which will set out the important role that Tuath residents will have to become an integral part of the association, influencing how services are provided and how decisions are made.

Click on the image below to view the new Pre-Move in Training video on YouTube


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