Gardai Crime Prevention and Information Workshops Take Place In Dun Laoghaire, Dublin


20th October, 2022

Tuath are thrilled to be involved in the current Gardai information sessions which have been taking place every Friday in Abbot Court and Honeypark, Dublin over the past number of weeks. The onsite workshops have been set up to discuss any Anti-Social Behaviour concerns in the area and the information tent allows for residents to link in about any matters they wish to talk about.

L-R: Ali Leech, Tuath Housing Services Coordinator, members of Dun Laoghaire Garda station and a resident at one of the workshops


The evening clinics focus on theft prevention, burglary prevention, home security, personal security, fraud prevention and reporting criminal activity. Property marking was also made available in Honey Park. This is a great method in tackling the problem of property theft, items such as bikes or scooters are engraved to deter burglars from taking them.

When discussing the new initiative with the Gardai, Sergeant Georgina from Dun Laoghaire Station advised how it has been a great success so far. She noted, “We have had the opportunity to speak with a lot of residents from the area and the pop-up clinics allow us to not only give information, but also respond to reports of Anti – Social Behaviour in the area.”

Tuath housing and caretaker staff also attended the workshops. Ali, Housing Services Coordinator said “It has been a great opportunity for me and the scheme caretaker to link in with Tuath residents regarding any housing, community or tenancy matters they may have. I really enjoy being able to work in partnership with residents to develop new ideas and opportunities to build strong and vibrant communities where our residents live”.


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