Cost of Living Series: Your Personalised Guide to Saving Money


29th October, 2022

As the cold weather sets in, households may face high energy bills this winter. Tuath are doing a series of messages on the current energy crisis and how tenants can save energy and money during this time.

Each week we will be updating this page to include useful advice and tips including Budgeting/ Financial Tips, Cost-of-living payments & welfare entitlements, Energy Customer Rights/ Entitlements. Keep an eye out on Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp groups , where we will be linking to this page regularly with the release of new info.

You can also find useful information in SEAI’s ‘Reduce your Use’ booklet here:

1. Energy Saving Tips in the home

Did you know there are ways you can reduce your energy and fuel consumption in your home? Check out the following energy saving tips:

2. Cost of Living Payments & Welfare Entitlements

Did you know that in the 2023 Budget there are payments to help those households who may be on a lower income. Have a look at our Budget 2023 Cost of Living Payments guide to find what you might be entitled to and when you should receive it

You also might be entitled to social welfare payments and income that you are not already claiming.

3. Information on Electricity Supplier

Make sure you know your rights and entitlements this winter when it comes to your electricity supply and rates. Contact Electric Ireland on 1800 372 372. You can also find more information on the Commission for Regulation of Utilities website on how to deal with your utility supplier or network operator:


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