Royal Canal Park, Ardmore Road, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

  • Local Authority
    Westmeath County Council
  • Procurement Method
    New Build Development Agreement
  • Funding Method
    Capital Advanced Leasing Facility (CALF) / Capital Assistance Scheme (CAS) / Housing Finance Agency (Private Finance)
  • No. Homes
  • Developer/Contractor
    Dalcar Developments Ltd.
  • Royal Canal 3
  • Royal Canal 2
  • Royal Canal 4
Royal Canal 1

Royal Canal is a high quality mixed-tenure development which will consist of 159 homes on completion. The 44 Tuath managed homes contain a mix of housing types catering for varying needs such as single persons, families, older persons and people with disabilities.

36 of the A-rated energy efficient homes were funded through the Department of Housing’s Capital Assistance Scheme, with the remaining 8 homes delivered via private finance from the Housing Finance Agency and Capital Advanced Leasing Facility from the Department of Housing.