Narroways Park, Bettystown, Co. Meath

  • Local Authority
    Meath Councty Council
  • Procurement Type
    New Build Development Agreement
  • Funding Method
    Capital Advanced Leasing facility (CALF) / Housing Finance Agency (Private Finance)
  • No. Homes
  • Developer / Contractor
    Curo Developments
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Narroways Park is one of Tuath Housing’s first developments which has been completed using the alternative ICF form of construction. Conveniently located approximately 1 kilometre west of Bettystown Village and approximately 8 kilometres south of Drogheda, the total development comprises 18 houses, with a range of house types containing 14 no. 3 bed semidetached houses and 4 no. 4 bed semi detached houses.Tuath have completed a New Build Development Agreements on 12 homes at Narroways Park.

ICF or insulated concrete formwork has recently grown in popularity to become one of Ireland’s alternative modern methods of construction.  ICF is a system of explanatory polystyrene rigid insulation blocks which are separated by plastic webbing. ICF construction has two advantages in terms of the energy performance.  First it seals very well, preventing air leaking through the walls. Secondly, it has two continuous insulation layers, one inside and one outside, with no thermal bridges therefore reducing heat loss. ICF homes are estimated to have a life span of over 100 years within minimal maintenance required as the foam will not degrade.